Translation of Russian Pharmacopoeia Article for Schisandra chinesis (Magnolia Vine Seeds)

Schisandra chinesis (Magnolia Vine Seeds)
Pharmacopoeia Article

Ripe, freed of pericarps and dried seeds of wild, woody Chinese magnolia vine ((Turcz.) Baill.) of the family Schisandraceae.

Appearance Indications

Seeds of round-kidney-shaped form with a marked dark-gray, seed-crossing cicatrix on the concave side. Length: 3-5mm, width: 2-4.5mm, thickness: 1.5-2.5mm. Surface is smooth, glossy and of yellowish-brown color. Seeds consist of hard, brittle skin and solid kernel, which may be missing in underdeveloped seeds. Skin is easily broken and comes off the kernel. Kernel is horseshoe-shaped, of waxlike-yellow color with one end being cone-shaped and the other round. There is a light-brown stria located on the convex side of the seed kernel. Endosperm forms the main mass of the seed kernel. At the sharp end of the apical cone (in endosperm) lies a small bud visible under the magnifier. When rubbed, odor is strong and peculiar. Taste is spicy and bitterish-caustic.


On the seed cross cut is seen a seed skin consisting of several layers: epidermal layer is represented by coarse, radially-elongated cells with thick, woody, dark-yellow coats perforated by pores. Under this layer is found a sclerenchymal layer consisting of 4-6 rows of heavily lignified, stone cells. Further lies a layer of decidual cells and behind them a row of very big, thin-walled, rectangular cells containing oily inclusions in the form of drops of lemon-yellow color. The most internal layer of seed skin is a anhistous, peeled off, thin-walled tissue. Seed endosperm consists of small, polyangular cells containing drops of fatty oil and small, aleuronic grains.

Numerical Indicators

Moisture content: not more than 12%; general ash content: not more than 3%; ash insolvent in a 10% solution of hydrocarbon acid: not more than 0.5%; other parts of magnolia vine (fruit flesh, twigs): not more than 3%; damaged seeds: not more than 5%; organic admixture: not more than 1%; mineral admixture: not more than 1%.


Seeds are packed in flax-jute-hemp bags of not more than 30kg net weight.

Shelf Life:

2 years.

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